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Ava Carolina Perez

You’ve heard of Doctor’s Without Borders? Well, I decided to combine my love of wine with my love of travel and created my own Sommelier Without Borders after a former boss told me I couldn’t turn drinking into a profession. Oh, can’t I? Over twenty years later I’ve worked on 4 continents in over 20 countries training, tasting, judging, buying, lecturing and writing about wine, beer, and spirits. I’ve worked for small privately owned restaurants, large corporate restaurants, exclusive supper clubs, fine dining restaurants where we wore penguin suits and white gloves to rough dive bars in remote jungles where I kept a shotgun under the counter. I’ve worked for corporations, small business owners, politicians, royal families, celebrities, and private societies.

I am a 2nd level Advanced Sommelier from the Court of Master 
Sommeliers, Certified Cicerone beer sommelier, Sake sommelier and won some awards in craft brewing for Compass Ales. I’ve been called a Super Taster, The Nose, and a Terrible Sorceress but you can call me The Passionate Sommelier. I love unwrapping a wine like a present and a truly amazing wine reveals themselves like a lover you slowly undress patiently exploring their hidden layers engaging all of your senses.

Since every good Renaissance woman can’t live on wine alone, I have a bachelor’s in Theoretical Physics from Western Washington University and a Masters in Neural Linguistics from Dartmouth College and I’ve held some interesting part-time jobs that include: magician’s assistant, Sous Chef, lounge singer, translator, muralist, dancer, consultant, researcher, teacher, perfumer, massage therapist, esthetician, aromatherapist, retrieval specialist, international law, urgent care, and real estate.

Since I taking over Valley Girl Wine Tours in 2014, I bring my education, my experience, my enthusiasm, and my passion on every tour I host and my passion is contagious. Regardless of your wine education, on my tours you’ll fall in love with our picturesque valley and rebellious award winning wines in the oldest wine region in the western hemisphere.

Join the Mexican Wine Revolution today!

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   I’ve been called a Super Taster, The Nose, and a Terrible Sorceress
but you can call me The Passionate Sommelier​​

Wine Guide

Shari Sisco

From Houston, Texas, Over 30 Years Guide Experience, Correspondent for Espresso San Diego’s Coffeehouse & Café Newspaper, Travel Agent, Owner La Sirena Sightseeing, Assist Winemakers, Wine Enthusiast, Baja Enthusiast, private guide with Valley Girl Wine Tours since 2016
Like Wine, the best of us improve with age

Abel Monterrosa


For all of our transportation needs we rely on Abel Monterrosa the owner of locally owned TransTurismo. Since 2014 Abel has been providing us with private transportation from his fleet of air conditioned vehicles with working seatbelts. Whether your party is 2 people or 40 people we've got the right size licensed and insured vehicle registered with the board of tourism and all our drivers our clean, professional, sober, and stay with our vehicle while we explore and sample the best of Baja.
Whether your party is 2 people or 40 people we've got the right sized vehicle