Some Of Our Favorite Things...

What's The Passionate Sommelier excited about...
This yummy barrel fermented Chardonnay from Valle Girl Vinos may be luscious on the palette but don't be fooled, this wine didn't go through malolactic fermentation. It starts with crisp French apples and poached pears slowly revealing this quality at the back of the palette that reminds me of the way fat from a ribeye smells as you're pulling the meat off a charcoal grill.

Surprising, sophisticated, approachable, and only $15 a bottle you better believe this has become a staple at my house!

Get your own bottle! This one's mine!
Juicy, tender, melt-in-your mouth BBQ pork ribs with just a hint of fresh dill. The meat just falls off the bone. Not too sweet, not too spicy, not to tangy, not too dry, not too saucy, these ribs are perfection and all I could do was dream about them for 2 years until Chef Jaime Galindo reopened one of my favorite restaurants in the world Brasa de Valle

To the right is his seared fresh caught yellowtail over risotto topped with octopus ink chicharon. My sister-in-law doesn't even like fish and she was dancing in her seat.

​I'm getting so hungy as I write this I think it's time for a lunch break!

Vinicola Kruger's Accidental Frizzante Rosé

Our friend, Chef and winemaker Iker Turcott, pours me this bright millenial pink rosé with all these tight bubbles popping in the glass and tells me it's not supposed to be a Frizzante as he rolls his eyes.

Well, I don't care because this happy accident is delicious. This wine tastes like summer and it has bubbles!!! Playful and bright on the palette, I get so much tart cherry, wild strawberriy, watermelon, and a hint of grape tomato on the pallet in this 2017 Sangiovese Rosé plus there's bubbles!!! Did I mention it has  bubbles?
If the question is bubbles, the answer is always

Tattoos!!! More Please!

At this point Carlos Hernandez and  Enrique Alcatar Trezdl of Por Siempre Tattoo in Ensenada have done the majority of the ink on my mother and I as well as a little work on my sister-in-law and several of our friends. Some families have a family brunch spot or a family photographer, we have a family tattoo shop
My tattoos are sacred and tell 
my story. The one on the right was my last tattoo, an orignianl design by Enrique

Moscato Solid Moisturizing Perfume

Created to have the aromatic qualities of  Valle Girl Vinos award winning semi-seco Moscato, this 100% all natural solid moisturizing perfume is made with raw virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, and theraputic grade pure essential oils plus it comes in a cute little pink tin. 

Stone fruit and honeydew melon lure you in with deeper notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, and vanilla.

Here's what you really need to know: when I wear it out everyone's like: Omg! You smell so good! What are you wearing and where can I buy it?

At El Corcho Rosa and it's only $11
The aroma is so intoxicating I can't stop smelling myself

Birria Tacos By Chef Alexandro Rubio

These rich, succulent, tender, birria tacos topped with chimichuri and pickled red onion in a tortilla shell made of mozzerella are one of my new favorite things in the valley and I can't get enough of them.

All of Chef Alexandro Rubio's culinary creations delight though I've been mad crushing on these tacos and they're gluten free!!! 

Of course they're so rich I can always use a friend to help me. Dinner at Bodegas F. Rubio tongight? Meet around 6pm?
The tortilla is cheese!!! What?!? Are these tacos from my dream journal?

Viña de Frannes 2012 Legat Cabernet Franc

Tall, dark, and mysterious this wine had my pulse racing before I even tasted it. I want to take this wine on a romantic date. I'm thinking dinner, a little flirting, and maybe a sunset stroll through the vineyard.

It's hard not to get lost in that bright and intense garnet hue. Mmmmm. Red plumb, dragon fruit, black rasperry, and cherry tomato get naughty with exotic spices, black licorice root, fresh brewed coffee, boot leather, a hint of anise, and something that reminds me of cannabis.

I'm obsessed with this wine and not just because I'm obsessed with all of legendary winemaker Ernesto Camou's wines at Viña de Frannes (which I am!) and follow him with the same zeal as a tweens for boy bands but also because it's just like crazy good.
This wine is like that attractive stranger who catches your eye from across the bar, a little mysterious and sooo captivating

Desert Nest Zip Line Tour

Soooo, I may be like hyperventilating, moments away from a panic attack, basket case of a woman when it comes to what I feel is a resonably healthy fear of falling but I wasn't gonna let that stop this badass babe from soaring through the longest zip line in Baja California 80 meters above ground.

Apparently it reaches a speed of 70 km per hour but I was too busy screaming and trying not to close my eyes to really tell the difference between like 50 or 70 km per hour.

Everyone at Desert Nest was nice and really patient with me which I really appreciated because apparently I'm that girl. Hahaha!!!
I never let fear get in my way or hold me back

Barbershop/ Barberia Valle

Valley Girl's like a well groomed man and when our men want to clean up they visit Fernando at Barberia Valle in the Guadalupe Wine Valley's Francisco Zarco located on the main drag next to Mercado Liz. 

Barberia Valle provides exceptional modern and classic haircuts for all hair types, styling, and kissably soft straight razor shaves as well as beard and mostache trims to suit all your needs.

Too busy and important to make it out? The Barber will even come to your hotel, airBnB, or venue for cuts, trims, and shaves,

It pays to look good
Not your grandfather's barbershop

Real Food!!!

One of the things I love Love LOVE about living in northern Baja is all the food. I'm talking real organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables from small, sweet, juicy strawberries to leafy greens and root veggies. The markets are a rainbow of produce from local farms.

I was skeptical of my friend Kate when she insisted I try these orgasmic strawberries knowing ful well I'm not the biggest strawberry fan. Well, I am now!!!

For your "I'll Have What She's Having" produce moment, check out Finca La Carrodilla and Magor Badon Wednesdays through Sundays.
These biodynamic strawberries are so sweet and juicy they're almost pornographic

Vinicola Retorno's Intriguing Palabra

The other night I opened a bottle of Vinicola Retorno's Palabra 2015 to pair with some spicy pork adobo. I've been crushing on the inventive and surprising wines of nerdtastic winemaker  Adrian Garcia since my mom introduced me in 2012.

The intriguing aromas of fresh baked banana bread, crushed pecans, Italian espresso, and the way the inside of a humidor smells immediately pulls me in. As I get lost in the wine's unexpected perfume one thought keeps running through my mind... Wait, this is a Zinfandel?

On the palette the wine continues to reveal notes of dried blackberries, cassis, plum, fruit leather, saddle leather, black truffles, steeped hibiscus flowers, and a hint of Madagascar vanilla

This wine feels like the perfect Wednesday indulgence
I get lost in the wine's unexpected perfume... Wait, this is a Zinfandel?

Antonio's Crystals & Jewelry

Shari and The Passionate Sommelier were out doing some research for a new tour package when in a random side alley in downtown Ensenada we came across this guy Antonio with a table full of crystals. Believe it or not this was the best out of 5 photos I took. Though he may not be the most photogenic he has a friendly approachable spirit and is making simple unique jewelry that utilizes our country's rich resources.

On card tables covered in cloth Antonio takes time to share some of his art and his process with us. The majority of his pieces are coconut shell he cuts into rounds and polishes before begining the delicate and lengthy process of wire cutting designs into the shell.

Not your Claire's Boutique kinda jewelry. These pieces are one of a kind.
His simple unique designs stand out against the rest

Tequila Room

One of our favorite stops in Ensenada is always a visit to Angel and Victor at the Tequila Room on Primera. Not only do they offer 2 different tequila tastings and a mezcal tasting but they also have an amazing selection for a price that wont break the bank.

They have a constantly changing selection of some of the best, rare, and hard-to-find tequilas as well as everything from shooting tequila that will make you want to reach for lime and salt to extra añejo sipping tequilas that feel like a tender kiss and scoff at ice to tequilas flavored with eggnog or guyabano (soursop). Seriously. It's impossible to keep up so I just ask Angel what's new and exciting.

I also love that they usually have some pretty decent gins stashed on a high shelf because sometimes a girl just needs a martini. Stirred not shaken #forscience
The eggnog Tequila is so good you'll want to pour it over yourself