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We Started Small And Have Big Plans For The Future 
Started in 2012 as a hobby by future winemaker and entrepreneaur Sitara Monica Perez of local award winning boutique winery  Valle Girl Vinos.

Her daughter, Ava Carolina Perez, took over in 2014 so her mother could focus  her energy into her growing winery. Since then Valley Girl Wine Tours has grown into the #1 tour company on TripAdvisor, Ava Carolina Perez has been voted the top Sommelier tour guide in the world, created a following across social media platforms, and become a resource for the Board of Tourism, Port Authority, wineries, restaurants, and hotels as an expert on the region and tourism.
Those Perez Ladies Are Trouble
We've heard we look like sisters but that's my mom on the right.
We're like the Gilmore Girls but with a lot more drinking, swearing, and tattoos.
Discover The Oldest Wine Region
In The Westen Hemishphere
When I first took over the tour company in 2014 there was hardly anything written about northern Baja's Guadalupe Wine Valley especially in regards to its history prior to the Russian influence in the early part of the 20th century. There was so little information available that I had to track down the descendants of the 9 founding families of the valley to learn their oral histories of the last 500+ years. 

On our tours we'll learn about King Felipe II's epic royal 16th century temper tantrum,  where the La Brea family got their soudough starter, the geological history of our unique terroir, what makes Baja cuisine different than any other Mexican cuisine, what the Mokokans brought from Russia, the godfathers of modern winemaking, the     entrepreneurial women winemakers who are reshaping Mexican wine, and how the invention of electricity led to Baja's 5th Renaissance in winemaking
Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Conversation
Because we live, work, and make wine in northern Baja's Valle de Guadalupe we know all the best places to go. We have put in tireless hours eating, drinking, and making new friends to find the best wines that capture our imaginations and engage our senses, the best cuisine that haunts our dreams from tender juicy BBQ pork ribs to the freshest fish tacos, and amazing friends who share our passion, curiosity, integrity, and dedication

Raise a glass!

pictured with Chef Jaime Galindo of Brasa de Valle
Why Mexican Wine
In addition to being the oldest wine region in the western hemisphere we've been selling wine internationally for over 500 years. As an arid mountain desert in close proximity to a coast our unique climate and geographical history have made our soil mineral rich for growing the best grapes.

We're also making outlaw wine! That's right, that's what I said. Wine regions have very strict regulations that include among many things what a region can grow and how those grapes can be used. Here, we're still lawless with the freedom to create one-of-a-kind wines that are illegal elsewhere.

Ever wonder what Barbera and a late harvest Tempranillo tastes like or a monovarietal Cinsault rosé that went through malolactic fermentation?
Yeah, we got that.

Come join the wine revolution!
For The Love Of Science!
Wine is an elaborate dance of chemistry, physics, and biotechnology between the plants and the winemaker and when these two contradictory forces harmonize something rare and magical happens that lasts as long as the bottle.

Each bottle of artisanal wine is a time capsule containing the autobiography of the grapes thousands of years in the making, the terroir’s memoir through changing coastlines and terraforming glaciers, the ever-changing atmospheric conditions from harvest to harvest, the creative ingenuity of the winemaker, and over 10,000 years of winemaking history.

    ♫♪♫    Let's get technical, technical     ♫♪♫    
In Wine We Lust
From dark, murky, and brambly Cabernet Sauvignons with complex aromas of dark chocolate, venison stew, and exotic spices to the more delicate, bright, and summery Sangioveses that slowly intoxicated with its perfume of dried rose petals, tobacco smoke, and wet bricks

From Chenin Blanc's crisp green apple, underripe peach, playful passion fruit, juicy nectarine, honeydew, saffron, and wet wool to the more coy barrel fermented Chardonnay that didn't go through malolactic fermentation with its flirty oak, hint of smoke and loads of tart apple tart, poached pear, and French lavender
  1. Come Try Some Of Our Favorites
    Come Try Some Of Our Favorites
    We have lots of favorite boutique wineries off the beaten path we feel best represent our region and we can't wait to share them with you
  2. Drink Wine With People Who Make It
    Drink Wine With People Who Make It
    With our connections and friends we are able to go to many wineries that are not open to the public as well as visit wineries on days when they are normally closed
  3. Discover Hidden Gems
    Discover Hidden Gems
    With over 190 wineries (and growing!) we take you to the hidden gems you wont read about in the Wall Street Journal
  4. Great Photo Opportunities
    Great Photo Opportunities
    On your leisurely wine-venture through our enchanting valley you'll have lots of great photo opportunities